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Hello Astrakoders, We are excited to share with you the new (and first) video introduction on how to use AKB. We believe this will bring more clarity on how to start using the platform. If you find the video helpful... (More)
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Business Developer & Copywriter

How to become a blockchain developer: our experience and a step-by-step guide

We are increasingly approaching the long-awaited "maturity" of blockchain technology. We hear about it often, we understand its mechanisms better and better, not to mention the countless use cases. PwC said earlier this year that by 2030 the technology will... (More)

Marco followed 4 months ago

Hyperledger Composer deprecated. Now it's time for AstraKode!

Marco Paolini

Reading time: 7 min

Hyperledger Composer deprecated. Now it's time for AstraKode!

Although more than a year has passed since its abandonment, Hyperledger Composer still represents a combination of keywords that are highly sought after on the web,... (More)

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AKB Community user's guide

Hello AstraKoder, this is an introduction guide to help you discover some of the feature of our community platform.

Let's start the guided tour!

On the left part, you can find a short menu in which you can easily access... (More)