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Inside the Product section, you can discuss anything regarding AstraKode Blockchain. Feel free to share your acknowledgments and help other members of the community with your feedback on the AKB experience.

Welcome AstraKoder, in this section you will find all the latest updates on the AstraKode Blockchain platform and you can leave your feedback.

There are 2 subsections of product:

- Feedback, where you can leave your feedback about your experience on AstraKode Blockchain platform. We are interested in your opinion so we can improve the platform and offer you the best experience in using our product;

- Announcements, you will find all the latest news on the scheduled updates;


πŸ™‹ β€œThat’s a cool platform but.. How can I use it for my business?” πŸ™‹ β€œWhat’s the advantage for me in implementing blockchain for my project?” These are some of the questions we often get asked, especially during the even... (More)
Hello Astrakoders, We are excited to share with you the new (and first) video introduction on how to use AKB. We believe this will bring more clarity on how to start using the platform. If you find the video helpful... (More)