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Welcome AstraKoder and thank you for choosing to join our community. 

In this section you will find guides to support you during the AKB experience. 

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Hyperledger Fabric Main Page

Many distributed blockchains, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, are not permissioned, which means that any node can participate in the consensus process, wherein transactions are ordered and bundled into blocks. Hyperledger Fabric works differently, as transaction ordering is handled by... (More)

Hello Astrakoders, We are excited to share with you the new (and first) video introduction on how to use AKB. We believe this will bring more clarity on how to start using the platform. If you find the video helpful... (More)

AKB Community user's guide

Hello AstraKoder, this is an introduction guide to help you discover some of the feature of our community platform.

Let's start the guided tour!

On the left part, you can find a short menu in which you can easily access... (More)